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Testing and Debugging your website

Before the website is launched, it is crucial that it is tested out by real users. All the links and content should be tested to see if it works. Not only is it important to test out all the buttons and everything on the site, but it is also important to test out what users think of it. There is user testing that can be completed to make sure the website is giving users what they need to be successful on the test.
Again, there are tools that can be used to determine if anything needs to be changed. Make sure to check all written content, including spelling and grammar. If your website has forms, ensure that they are working correctly as well. These might be important ways the users can get in touch with you or sign up for alerts and messages. Without these working properly, it can be very difficult for the user and also will be difficult for you to have a successful website.
Don’t just check the website once, but check it over multiple times. When you are confident that everything is in working order, you can go ahead and launch your website live. When it comes to launching, you are finally ready and can do this by uploading it to the server. You will need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for this process. It is also important to make sure everything is running smoothly immediately after launching. Testing and launching may take 2-4 weeks to complete.